Montreal (Canada) on Saturday, November 9, 2013

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All you want to know about the Agile Tour 2013 in Montreal is available on our web site. * English version available soon.

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Book November 9, 2013 on your calendar, you don't want to miss this event that occurs only once a year.

If you have any question, contact us at

Organizing Committee

  • Payam Afkari
  • Omar Bermudez
  • Pierre Biffaud
  • Vincent Cléroux
  • Francois Desrosiers
  • An Phong Do
  • Olivier Gourment
  • Martin Goyette
  • Magali Janvier
  • Denis Lemarchand
  • Martin Mayer
  • Jesus Mendez
  • Yvan Petit
  • Pascal Roy
  • Sean Steacy
  • Frederic Solecki
  • Jeanne E. Thébault
  • Isabelle Therrien

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