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Agile Tour 香港站 2012 - 12月1日



Agile Tour自2008年成立至今已經步入第五個年頭,到今屆終於有香港站了!Agile Tour香港站將會舉辦一整天的活動,並邀請國際或本地的Agile專家分享他們的經驗:



題目 : How to suck less with distributed teams
講者 : Emerson Mills

We all know that distributed teams suck. ( Don't we? ) They perform much worse than co-located teams. Unfortunately for places just starting to move to Agile methodologies, it's often a impediment that has to be worked around or removed. In this session we'll discuss some of the illusions about distributed team productivity and how to get around some of the problems before you can move to co-located teams.

  1. Why did we even use them?!
  2. Distribute teams not people
  3. Giving teams ownership of features and not tasks
  4. Sharing a product development culture

題目: Inject start up spirit
講者: Wang XiaoMing

During the past a couple of years I heard many complains from CEOs and senior management that there was unavoidable bureaucracy and large company problems which were their big pain. Many teams suffered unclear project goals, small team but many management layers, ineffective meeting, tons of reports and unstable products. Those problems caused project failure or delay. In this presentation I will lead you to experience a real project in a large company who saved themselves from failure and transferred to a team with start up spirit and doubled their velocity in 4 months.

  1. A real project, double velocity
  2. The pain of founders
  3. Inject start up spirit
  4. Lightweight Agile.

題目: Test Driven Development
講者: Ian Lucas

In this session we will explore Test Driven Development (TDD) utilizing XQuery, the XML Query Language. TDD helps facilitate higher quality software solutions, and the modular nature of XQuery lends itself well to the practice.

  1. TDD in context
  2. Defining Success criteria upfront (i.e. Test Cases as requirements specifications)
  3. Practical examples of TDD with XQuery and XQunit

題目: Agile ate my Project Plan!
講者: Michael Mallete

Among the biggest reasons for the reluctance of organizations in adopting Agile is their belief in the effectiveness of traditional models in estimation and planning. The fear of losing their perceived predictability through their conventional techniques. Agile erases these all and leaves you with a chaotic view of what is to come. But is that truly the case?

We will first explore the assumptions behind traditional estimation and planning techniques
We will then counter that with the assumptions behind Agile estimation and planning
We will show the different features of traditional estimation and planning
We will then show the different features of Agile estimation and planning
We then compare what we actually lose and what we gain when we move toward Agile estimation and planning

題目: DevOps is people: or, "I achieve my KPIs by making you fail to meet yours."
講者: Scott Robinson

"Development" and "operations," as independent organizations, have conflicting motivations. DevOps is the buzzword for the understanding that we've missed the forest (providing value) for the trees (features and stability).

I'll share three true stories about three real organizations.

  1. Exposition (Who is organization and who are the players?)
  2. Rising action (Our business is down.)
  3. Climax (DevOps!)
  4. Falling action (Working together!)
  5. Dénouement (Everyone celebrates their promotions over beer.)
NB. if you work in an organisation with conflicts between development and operations, bring a story to share— and get free advice!





  • 考慮投入Agile式開發,或已經有經驗的IT專業人仕,包括開發者、專案經理、測試人員、商業分析師、Scrum Master、產品經理等等。

  • 需要或有機會要與Agile團隊合作的管理人員。

  • 任何對Agile式開發有興趣的人仕






預早登記優惠: 港幣五十元
一般登記費用: 港幣七十五元



即場登記(僅限於仍有坐位的情況): 港幣一百元







時間:9am to 5pm





Cocoon (浩觀)




  • 天后地鐵站A2出口 (步行10分鐘)
  • 炮台山地鐵站A出口(步行7分鐘)
  • 港島區可以坐5號或5X號巴士到總站下車
  • 九龍區可以乘搭118號過海巴士在歌頓道下車(步行3分鐘)



Time Programme
09:30 - 10:00 Registration , Networking
10:00 - 10:30 Opening
10:30 - 11:30 How to suck less with distributed teams

Emerson Mills
11:30 - 12:30 Inject start up spirit

Wang XiaoMing
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 15:00 Agile ate my Project Plan!

Michael Mallete
15:00 - 16:00 Test Driven Development

Ian Lucas
16:00 - 17:00 DevOps is people: or, "I achieve my KPIs by making you fail to meet yours."

Scott Robinson
17:00 - 17:15 Closing








Steven Mak


Stephen Forte


Ben Lau


Adrian Lander