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Submitted Conference Content

Full name


Job Creative Collaboration Agent
email mailing [at] hanoulle [dot] be
Skypeid YvesHanoulle
Phone number +32 476 43 38 32
Company PairCoaching
City (Country) Belgium (Europe)
Time 3h00
Type of Conference Conference-Workshop > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Everything you wanted to know about PairProgramming, but where afraid to ask....




During this one hour we'll go over advantages and disadvantages of PairProgramming. This talk will using a Training from the back of the room style. Although we will show research numbers, it will be all about the stories in the room. We'll also bring our own war stories.


we need to have an even number of people in the room. (That's a joke)

Benefits for the attendees

People will learn about PairProgramming. We'll have discussion where we can all learn from eachother. They will see presentors interact with eachother and they will show the good and bad ways of pairing.


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