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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Jurgen De Smet

Job Innovator & Facilitator, Coach & Trainer, Author & Speaker
email jurgends [at] gmail [dot] com
Skypeid jurgen_conn_gent
Phone number 0489478226
City (Country) Kortrijk
Time 1h30
Type of Conference Workshop / 40 attendees
Level Everybody

Delegation is an Art!


urgen De Smet started to really learn (read: out of school) since 1996 within Software Development environments, starting out as a monkey in a small company filling his days with installations, upgrades, bug fixing & integration development… dealing with other species as customers, end-users, other suppliers provided great insight into the jungle we work. From that moment on he could not longer be the monkey and somehow started to mutate to a gorilla (team lead), king-kong (group lead) to one of the lions around (R&D Manager) expanding his territory of knowledge, learning from other jungles and finding better ways to survive while changing the environments from a jungle to a commune of transparency, trust, effectiveness and collaboration among all species around. Being busy with change since 2001 in different jungles, having met with over a 100 of different species, we could call Jurgen a chameleon with a huge backpack of knowledge, technique’s and frameworks to support other lions out there to do just enough of the right thing at the right time and be respected for it. Jurgen was the first Management 3.0 certified trainer and also the first to co-facilitate a training with Jurgen Appelo (2011). Today he's very skilled in applying the techniques in different domains and environments.


In this rapidly changing world where change itself has changed, we need more people to be part of the system to provide evolutionary, disruptive and open innovation! Internet connections, data storage, mobile devices, genome sequencing, everything today is growing at an exponential rate where organizations need to be more adaptive, and change as fast as change itself. Top-down controlled, managed organizations are bound to die as there is no time to aks for permission! The only way to survive in this new world is to get your organization to engage with their (potential) customers and with their employees in order to find the change it needs to survive within this jungle of opportunities. Being slow is not an option anymore! Producing low quality is not an option anymore! Neglecting your customers is not an option anymore! One of the options at hand is to grow self-organizing mechanisms within your organization that are empowered to swiftly act upon the opportunities at hand. But how do you manage to empower teams in such a way that it is useful and beneficiary to the organization? As we support many organizations we have discovered a lot of helpful tools and techniques: RACI, LRC, DACI, Situational Leadership… and many more. All of them have some truth in them but there is only one that we experienced that works 8 out of 10 times instead of occasionally: “Delegation Poker” in combination with “Authority Boards”. In this session you'll learn how to play the game of delegation and grow self-organization in an organic way!

Benefits for the attendees

In this session you'll learn how to play the game of delegation and grow self-organization in an organic way!

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