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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Pierre E. Neis

Job Agile Lean Coach
email pierre [dot] neis [at] we-and-co [dot] com
Skypeid pierre.neis
Phone number 661727867
Company We&Co, the collab lab
City (Country) Larochette (Luxembourg)
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

My Product is a James Bond Movie!


Pierre is an experienced Agile Lean Coach coming from the dark side of ... project management. He has tested unconventional Scrum coaching approaches in Audit, Asset Management, Industry, Education, Government, private equities. He's the man behind the Product Owner's Helpdesk on LinkedIn and has developed several Agile custom frameworks like [sKale] (HR) and PLöRK (Leadership through games).


I don't want a product. I want THE PRODUCT. I want that my product looks like a James Bond Movie to my users! Agile is built around first class engineering practices, quality, testing. That works well, since years. Helps or User Stories, we know that our development needs to fit to customer's expectations. That's fine! What happens when you need to delight multiple users? each time? You have the story for the user, for the persona. But, does this kick someone off? I will send my Product Owners to MGM so that our Product, our Release Plan looks like a James Bond movie so that my customer became sooooooo delighted that “Skyfall”.


Openness and goodwill!

Benefits for the attendees

Scrum explained from Product development perspective. Product Ownership and powerful Product/Service design.

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