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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Tiago Garcez

Job Agile Coach
email tiago [dot] garcez [at] agilar [dot] org
Company Agilar
City (Country) Brussels, Belgium
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Beginner

Why Agile?


Tiago Garcez is an Agile coach and partner at Agilar. With over 13 years of experience with IT projects and change management, he has worked in multiple large-scale Agile transitions, supporting change leaders and teams in their continuous improvement efforts. Previously, Tiago worked as a Product Owner, Agile Project Manager and Business Analyst. An active member of the Belgian Agile community, you're likely to bump into him in the Agile events in the area.


I frequently get asked the question of whether I would "recommend Scrum in every situation?" The answer there is easy ("no"), but it's really the wrong question. The interesting question is "would you recommend Agile in every situation?" And the answer there is also easy ("yes"), but the reasons for that answer are, sadly, often mis-understood or mis-represented. In this talk, I will expand on this topic and discuss: - reasons why Agile is better suited than the alternatives to answer the key challenges companies are facing in the knowledge economy - the essence of Agile (what is its minimum expression?) - how Agile would work (and is working) in other industries - ideas for starting your Agile transition or re-thinking / improving your current one The talk will include examples from previous coaching assignments, as well as some case studies from interesting companies who are stretching the boundaries of Agile.


No previous knowledge of Scrum or Agile is required.

Benefits for the attendees

Attendees will have a good understanding of the essence of Agile and why it is so relevant in today's knowledge economy and social times. They will also come away with some invigorating questions to discuss further with colleagues afterwards.

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