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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Dirk Remacle

Job BI-Agilisto
email dr [at] timeXtender [dot] com
Skypeid dremacle
Phone number 3223034437
Company timeXtender
City (Country) Erps-Kwerps, Belgique
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

20 ways to succeed your Agile BI project


Dirk Remacle, Business Intelligence consultant by nature, Agile by confession - working on Business Awareness ( & sustainability KPI's Sales by role - but do not hold that against him. Believes in Agile BI/DWH as key to (BI) project success...


45 minutes to present a survey about Agile applied to BI projects and the link between perceived success vs. method used (Agile vs. Waterfall) 1) what makes BI projects so different from other development projects, if anything? 2) which factors influence success? 3) how to handle envisioning, log grooming - or how to get started? 4) tips and tricks to keep the Business On board: painting the picture 5) TLA's in BI : how to handle them - (TLA = three letter Acronyms)


Knowledge of Agile is a defenite plus, no knowledge of BI necessary - that's what we will cover in 45'

Benefits for the attendees

You will learn that BI has its own stack of technical definitions which may get in the way of starting with Agile BI projects. You will learn that Business users know exactly what their report/dashboard should look like, but find it difficult to explain that idea (to developers). We will provide some hints on howto become a BI mind reader. You will learn that AgileBI boils down to creating action content, not just visual content. You will learn from Survey results from 40 in depth interviews, taken from different people, from the developer, the BICC manager, several Project managers (Agile & Others), the CIO Agile believer up until the CEO. We have indeed discovered major differences between development projects and BI (development) projects, at least - on the surface. We will explain how others have managed to scratch that surface & dig beyond, how they learned & dug in order to achieve Agile BI success.


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