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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Guillaume Duquesnay

Job Agile Coach, Java Tech Lead
email guillaume [dot] duquesnay [at] gmail [dot] com
Company Freelance
City (Country) Paris
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Beginner

iPhone and Agile, a love-hate story


I am a freelance Agile coach. I help shifting to Agile/Lean practices and handling this change at a larger scale (organisation, management, culture). My background : a coding kid, a professional Java developer, a JEE consultant. In my job as in my life, I try to bring a different perspective, crossing approaches. When it leads me to new discoveries, I share them with my communities through various live talks (USI Conference, Agile tours, Rotary). My talks are usually found offbeat regarding their content or their style ; well, i just try to deliver my messages as best as I can.


Guillaume Duquesnay is an agile coach working in banking and Java projects. From the first time he heard about the young iOS community, he found it sexy and fresh. It seemed open-minded, spontaneous, driven by passion more than fake promises. Jean-François Grang is an iOS developer. This new methodology seemed to him reassuring, well-built, mature but open, caring for others and listening. He was after maturity, a method he could rely upon to build apps in the long run. Before long Jean-François and Guillaume introduced Agile to iOS. Their first dates were exciting, and their first days full of passion. But daily routine fell in, followed by doubt, and disillusion. Broken promises, broken plates, shouts, tears. Then making up. If you want to know the end of this story, if iPhone and Agile are really meant to be together, come see us in Brussels this September.



Benefits for the attendees

A trend to where agile is going. A bit of fun can occur.

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