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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Jan De Baere

Job senior consultant
email jan [at] baere [dot] net
Phone number +32 (0)495/297.265
City (Country) Aalst (Belgium)
Time 1h
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

A War Story of the Rise and Fall of an "Agile" Company


Jan is an organisational & collaboration coach. Training & coaching organisations/teams to optimize their working in order to work in a more effective way. Especially in environment’s where flexibility and creativity is an added value. He discovered Agile during this active participation in the cultural transformation of his company towards adhocraty (same values as Agile). In this transformation he started up corporate governance and did it the Agile way. As a certified scrum professional Jan works mainly in bigger companies where he introduces scrum, kanban & visual management.


The director of our IT consultancy company decided to drastically change the culture of our company. The command and control style didn’t make sense anymore for him. Together with a change agent he took the whole company on a journey towards an Agile culture. We changed our way of working, the recruitment process, the appraisal system… The journey was bumpy and we had forces fighting us from the inside and the outside. We learned, had fun and a lot of energy but the day came… Build up during 8 years and destroyed in one day. What happened? What tools did we use? Lessons learned?



Benefits for the attendees

- Get a view behind the scene of a mayor cultural change. - See Agile in a bigger picture (also outside IT) - lessons learned from this experience (e.g. did it deliver value to the company?) - lessons learned from a consultancy company point of view - Learn what I discovered to be “THE” crucial thing during this change. This reveals why it was difficult to build and easy to break down.

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