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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Guillaume Duquesnay

Job Agile Coach
email guillaume [dot] duquesnay [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone number +33 6 13 23 47 22
Company Freelance
City (Country) France
Time 1h
Type of Conference Conference < 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Managing without authority : lessons learnt as a dungeon master


I am a freelance Agile coach. I help shifting to Agile/Lean practices and handling this change at a larger scale (organisation, management, culture). My background : a coding kid, a professional Java developer, a JEE consultant. In my job as in my life, I try to bring a different perspective, crossing approaches. When it leads me to new discoveries, I share them with my communities through various live talks (USI Conference, Agile tours, Rotary). My talks are usually found offbeat regarding their content or their style ; well, i just try to deliver my messages as best as I can :).


I'm playing Dungeons and Dragons with a pack of friends every one or two month. My role-play experience is nearly 20 years long, much longer than my 10+ years of professional experience. I think some of my best management, facilitation and leadership lessons come from game mastery more than from work. As a dungeon master, you simply try to have your friends playing an inspiring adventure. No boss, no money involved, just a common goal : enjoy every bit of it. So where's the deal ? Well, give your players swords, spells, and treasures, and you'll have to deal with nasty behaviors, cheaters, impulsiveness, selfishness, and even bullies. Your challenge : have your smart, fun, educated friends back on the table, as to play together the best adventure they never played. My purpose is to share what I learned regarding leadership, facilitation and management while no authority was involved. As a quick pick, you'll hear about leadership/ followership, pair management, delegation, facilitation, loosing control, improvising, involving and enrolling (and even a bit of lean !).


no prerequisite

Benefits for the attendees

A fresh way to think about your management posture and how to get your coworkers involved. Oh, and a good way to hear that some guys are still playing plain old Dungeon' at 36y old, and that they're enjoying it more than ever.

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