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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Christophe Addinquy

Job Coach agile
email addinquy [at] computer [dot] org
Skypeid addinquy
Phone number +33 (0) 651392601
Company Zenika
City (Country) Paris (France)
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference-Workshop < 100 attendees
Level Sensitized

Easy to use correctly and hard to use incorrectly


Christophe Addinquy is a computer addict since 1980 and do it for living for more than 20 years. Starting his carreer as a developer, he also was consultant, trainer, manager and finally agile coach. During this time he walked through object-oriented design and programming, the design pattern community and the agile mouvement, all of them when they weren't given for granted. He start beeing interested in XP in 2001 and was involved in the move to agility of the consulting company he worked at this time in 2005. He joined a customer company in 2007 as the back-office manager to spread agility accross development teams. He joined the French Scrum User Group since its very beginning in 2007 and is currently the secretary of the association. He now is helping other companies to implement and improve their agile practices using Agile, Lean and Lean Startup practices.


We are all seeking for good advices, recipes and rules of thumbs to make our designs better, our requirements strong and accurates, our user interfaces outstanding and more and more... But there are as many set of rules or advices as there are gurus. And as smart as they are, their rules are only good advices, not final weapons usable in each and every situation. It's because there is no final weapon. Human mind can't be replaced and will not be. Then I crossed Scott Meyer advice. Amazingly it helped me to challenge my ideas in programming, design, user interfaces, even in the way I can mitigate user stories or make iteration priorities ! Agile teams are targeting excellence. Code, design and functionalities are not here forever : they are reused, refactored, improved or changed. We want functionalities delighting our customers and be handled without questions. This sessions will help you make a step in this direction by illustrating what it means to build things easy to use correctly and hard to use incorrectly. We will see that successively with code, design structures, requirements, user interfaces and even agile practices ! You will be invited to juge the examples against Scott Meyer's principle and sometime to improve them and make them better.


Basic understanding of programming and object-oriented design are welcome, because the session will start by exploring theses subjects.

Benefits for the attendees

Give and simple, practical tool each and every attendee can use right the next day to challenge the quality of their work and generate ideas to improve it !

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