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Submitted Conference Content

Full name


email d [dot] thouvenin [at] clt-services [dot] com
Skypeid damien.thouvenin
Phone number 06 71 96 27 14
Company CLT Services
City (Country) Paris
Time 30'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

1+9 visual management tools


I started my career as a Software Engineer at an ERP editor then worked for agri-businesses production solutions and eventually created my company in 2004. With thirty-ish consultants, CLT is both a consulting firm (specialized in business efficiency through agile and software) and a laboratory for innovation in management. Today, I share my time between running my company, speaking at conferences, consulting for clients and advocating for enterprise diversity.


One of the (many) major impact that Scrum had on the agile movement was to bring in Visual Management (the famous "information radiator"). The ScrumBoard derivates from the Lean "kanban" but Visual Management should not be limited to this only tool. Plan, Track, Check, Decide, Allocate, Explain ... can all these activities be empowered with Visual Tools? YES ! In this short session we will explore 9 other visual tools to work more efficiently. Of course, we will also briefly talk about the Kanban/ScrumBoard which, with little changes, can be much improved.



Benefits for the attendees

I hope and expect that every attendant will bring back at least one idea or one tool she can try the next day to improve his efficiency.

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