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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Joanne Ho

Job Agile consultant
email joanne [at] powerhouse360 [dot] com
Skypeid joannejho
Phone number +1 (206) 850-8945
Company Powerhouse 360
City (Country) Seattle
Time 30'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Agile Methodologies For Research and Discovery


Joanne Ho is the founder of PowerHouse 360, an Agile consulting company dedicated to improving work processes in government, non-profit organizations, and university teaching and research. During her doctoral studies, Joanne applied Agile methodologies to her PhD research. As an environmental researcher, she adopted tools from scrum and kanban to manage environmental research projects conducted by her interdisciplinary team. She used Agile methods to organize innovative processes to plan and drive research, a process of discovery involving a road map to the unknown. Joanne is currently writing an Agile project management guidebook for graduate students. Joanne holds a Ph.D in Forest Resources (University of Washington) and M.A. in International Economics (University of Sussex). To learn more about Joanne and her company, go to


This presentation is a short overview of how Agile can be used beyond building products, into the space of research and discovery, where the "product" is to create new knowledge. While Scrum offers a great framework for product development where requirements and user stories can be clearly defined, research and discovery cannot enjoy the same clarity from user stories. By nature of venturing into unknown territory, cycle time needs to be reduced to as short as 4 hours. Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Improvement, Lean, and pairing offers valuable tools and frameworks as well as mental and emotional stability and team solidarity for researchers to bravely venture where no man has gone before.



Benefits for the attendees

Get inspired with new ideas. See how Agile can be very versatile and can be adopted in some very different work environments.

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