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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Arnaud Bailly - Craig Morrison

Job Developer - Team Manager
email abailly [at] murex [dot] com
Company Murex
City (Country) Paris (France)
Time 1h
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Fractal Test Driven Development


Arnaud développe des logiciels professionnellement depuis plus de 15 ans. Il est tombé dans le Java à la fin des années 90 et ne l'a plus quitté même s'il lui fait régulièrement des infidélités avec des langages plus fonctionnels (Haskell, Scala ou clojure). Il est développeur indépendant et travaille actuellement pour Murex, un éditeur de logiciels financiers. Craig is currently head of Java Functional Team at Murex where it develops new features for the MX.3 platform while at the same time spreading best practices and modern architectures among the Java developers community at Murex. He has been developing software professionally and managing developers teams for more than 15 years in Banks and software publishing companies, in Java, C, C++...


Test Driven Development is often understood and practiced "in-the-small". When done properly it is a great way to drive the programming process towards code which is more manageable, which is more resilient to changes, which contains fewer bugs, simpler, cleaner, modular... But TDD can also be applied "in-the-large" as a way to drive development of the whole system, feature by feature as has been advocated and exemplified most notable by the so-called "London School of Testing", lead by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce. This session takes the form of a programming kata where we develop a simple distributed application with a client and server, completely driven by tests. It demonstrates how TDD can be applied at various levels, from high-level business-facing end-to-end tests to detailed coding of single class and methods and introduces various techniques and tools (in the Java ecosystem) to support this practice.

Benefits for the attendees

- Introduction to TDD techniques at various levels - Introduction to BDD, ATDD and other business-facing "testing" techniques - Details of the TDD mechanics red-green-refactor mantra - Application of TDD to real-world problems

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