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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Sébastien DROUARD

Job Developer
email seb [dot] drouard [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone number 33687167295
Company Xebia
City (Country) Paris
Time 1h
Type of Conference Workshop / 20 attendees
Level Everybody

Agile's werewolves


I'm currently a backend developer for Xebia company. I've got a 5 year experience in developing various applications and it's been about 3 years since I started learning and applying Agile concepts in my personal and professionnal life.


It's an agile game, based on the famous game "The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow". The main concept of the game is that people playing at it are villagers and among them are werewolves; two goals are colliding here : for the villagers to find the werewolves (and eliminate them), and for the werewolves to kill all villagers. This core concept of the game has been a bit altered to include some agile recipes...



Benefits for the attendees

Learn a new Agile game dedicated to team building Experience some Agile concepts

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